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Adoptable #5 Venus by Pastellistic
Contest (kattycat2222) Part 1 For Channel Art by Pastellistic
Scaredy Cat by Pastellistic
Open Commission Pixel by SyumiOpen Commission Pixel by SyumiOpen Commission Pixel by SyumiOpen Commission Pixel by SyumiOpen Commission Pixel by SyumiOpen Commission Pixel by SyumiOpen Commission Pixel by Syumi
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matti c:
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Welcome Bunny by Syumi
a few facts about me; Fill my heart [anim.] by socksyy
Arrow left by Drawn-Mario I love Pastel colors
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Arrow left by Drawn-Mario I love animals
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Open Commission Pixel by Syumi


Hue (OC/Ponysona) by Pastellistic
Hue (OC/Ponysona)
- Painted Hooves (Subject To Change)
- "Hue"
- Female

*Cutie Mark:*
Toned Feather, w/ thin stream of paint (in the order roygbv) in an "infinite" shape. Represents the massive amounts of creativity shared between writing and drawing. Colors represent emotions, and how the creativity is expressed.

*Rebellious Phase*
Hue's parents were very strict, so Hue went through a very Rebellious phase and started thinking things in a philosophical manner, such as why she should respect her parents if they won't respect her, etc. She decided to showcase her feelings through piercing her body. She doesn't regret it one bit, even though she's over the rebellious phase.

*Genetic Mutation(s)*
Hue was born with abnormally large wings, though doctors can't explain it. She is unable to fly because of this, due to the shift in weight, it is impossible to be perfectly balanced. Though she tried to fly once, it didn't end well.
Because her father was a unicorn, (although, not a very good one,) a mix-up in genes caused her to have a traditional unicorn tail, which had actually evolved to a regular mane-like tail ages ago, No pony can figure out why these ancient genes were brought up so suddenly. (though, there have been theories considering her father was a pure bred unicorn, and had been the first to break the chain in a long time.)
=Miscellaneous colors=
Hue was born with regular patches across her body, but they were all the same color as her hip patches (see in picture.) although, as she aged, the colors began to grow in, but they were mostly still dull, and only had the slightest bit of color; that is until her cutie mark appeared. when she gained her cutie mark, the colors had taken full effect.

*cutie mark/backstory*
Hue was born in a hospital, like any normal pony, but had to stay for at least a month while they ran tests on her wings. when she finally went home, she was extremely clumsy and bumped into everything with her wings. she couldn't walk for the longest time because her wings were too heavy to lift by herself. her parents had a hard time tucking her wings into bed. she was already sleeping in a toddler bed instead of a crib, because the crib space was too cramped for such abnormally large wings. as she grew up, her parents started noticing her patches were growing in color, but the doctors stated that it was just her mature coat growing in. however, the colors stopped growing, and stayed dull for a long while. Her parents had split by the time she was 12. Her father had lost his job, and the cottage was foreclosed on. Hue's mother left her father, claiming he couldn't support his family anymore. Her mother found an earth pony, a country stallion, who was extremely nice, although he had some mental problems from being at a war over sea, as the ponies were fighting with sirens. after a good year of having a good family, and finally getting use to it, he snapped. Hue woke up, on a nice quiet day. She walked out to the living room; a room coated in blood had greeted her. Her mother, lay dead in cold blood, moistening the carpet. Tears crept to Hue's eyes. Suddenly she heard sirens. royal guards came in and took Hue away. Hue looked out from the chariot to see her step father being loaded into a maximum security cage. Tears met her eyes once more. They took her away, to an orphanage, with a foster care program in place. she spent 2 years in that orphanage, switching from family to family, but she hated them all. they were all too bright, cheerful. they all pretend that Equestria is bright and perfect. They all think they know sadness; but they don't. they think they know fear, even pain. But they don't even know the half of it. But one family. a nice couple, Diana and Sara. They were the kindest people, And had problems of their own. She looked up to them. The world repented them but they kept pushing. They were everything She wanted to be. So they adopted her. Her first year of high school was in Cloudsdale, and she was scared beyond belief. Around March, There was a talent show. Hue was very creative, the artsy-fartsy type. She loved expressing her emotions through different sorts of media. From writing, to drawing; even singing. So she entered the talent show. She walked up onto the stage, as nervous as she could have ever been. Hooves shaking like crazy. She took a breath. She exhaled, imagining all the butterflies escaping from her lips. The song starts. Her emotions mixed with the music like perfection, the crowd shocked. The bridge of the song comes, and that's where she finally lets all of her emotions go. the sadness, the pain from her mothers death. The disappointment she held deep within herself. She let it all go, letting her tears fall. Her flank glowed, her patches gaining color. The song ended, and she looked back, to see her cutie mark. Her flow of creativity and emotion had led her to this moment. She was destined to share her emotions with others, and help the ponies around her discover their own purpose. She brought creativity to everyone around her. She was inspiration. She was the very definition of emotion. For once in her life, she felt she had a purpose. An important one.


so, hope you guys liked that lil back ground on my character so far, slightly based off of my personal life, but not completely. Her name is definitely subject to change tbh. leave name idea's below, bc i have no fucking clue. cya guys!! <3

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